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Safety Tips for Traveling

Travel Safety Tips

Why Travel Safety Is Important with Todd Fox

Andy welcomes Todd Fox to The Secure Dad Podcast. Todd is an executive protection professional who has traveled extensively protecting celebrities, Supreme Court Justices, and UN Officials.

Andy and Todd discuss how to plan your next trip so you can be safe and enjoy it. Todd gives a wealth of information on safety tips for traveling international and domestic travel safety tips. Plus, he shares stories from his work that illustrate why preparing for your trip is so important.

Watch the Interview with Todd Fox

Todd Fox is the Founder and Managing Director of the Close Protection Corps, a specialized services firm that works with celebrities, dignitaries, and executives in challenging environments. The company was founded in 1999 with initial services focused on the Latin market.

Fox’s company became known for protective service operations in challenging environments such as Mexico, Colombia, Haiti, Iraq, the Balkans, Turkey, and Russia. The company has performed protective operations across a full spectrum of clients ranging from Madonna and Janet Jackson to Supreme Court Justices and UN Officials.

Todd is the author of four books including his latest, Underpinning: Foundational Concepts in Force Instruction. He has also been a podcast guest on Left of Greg, The Distinguished Savage, and Ed Calderon’s Manifesto Radio.

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Travel Safety Tips


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