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Gear Review: StealthGearUSA Slim Wallet

StealthGear USA Slim Wallet | The Secure Dad

StealthGearUSA sent me their Slim Wallet in exchange for a honest review. All opinions are my own.

Do you have a dad wallet? You know what I’m talking about. A wallet that is a time capsule for every discount club you’re in and a punch card to that sub shop that closed in 2014. That rock in your back pocket is causing you back pain and leg cramps. I dumped my dad wallet a few years ago for a slim wallet.

Dad Wallet | The Secure Dad

A slim wallet helps you break your life down to your essentials. These wallets are only as big as they have to be so they take up minimal space in your pocket. Plus they don’t make your leg go numb on long drives. Making the switch wasn’t hard and once I made it, there was no going back. I highly recommend a slim wallet for your everyday carry.

I fumbled around for a few years with a couple different designs. There’s one that’s a rubber band around two pieces of kydex. If I removed one card the band got slack and dumped all my cards and cash onto the table.

Then there’s some polymer fabric slim wallets. But they don’t have much room for expansion and when you remove one card from a pocket of three, the fabric doesn't shrink back. It just hangs loose and won’t hold the remaining 2 cards. Plus they are hot.

Stealth Gear USA Slim Wallet Review | The Secure Dad

The slim wallet that I like and I’m carrying right now is from StealthGearUSA. This one is like nothing I’ve ever had before and that’s great news. This made in the USA wallet features two pockets that can hold 5-6 cards each. This makes it easily the most expandable and useful slim wallet out there.

The material is awesome. Each pocket is different. One pocket features a Rhino Mesh lining while the other sports a “Slip-Not Grip”. I can attest that it’s hard to get a card to accidentally fall out of this wallet. Even when I dropped it from 5 feet onto tile flooring, all the cards stayed put. Not many other slim wallets can say that.

When I first made the switch from a traditional wallet to a slim wallet I wasn’t confident in the one I had. However I’m very confident with the SGUSA’s wallet. The stitching is awesome and looks like it’s made to last.

StealthGear USA Slim Wallet Review | The Secure Dad

This wallet is a bit larger than the average slim wallet. After using it for a week, I found that to be a good thing. It protects my cards from bending and cracking. Its solid construction keeps my cards safe while keeping a low profile in my pocket.

The elastic pockets are easily the best feature to this wallet. When I first looked at it I knew StealthGearUSA had gotten the design right. The elastic can expand to hold up to 6 cards in each pocket. It won’t slack out on you and dump the other five cards. When I use this in the store, I don’t worry about spilling my cards all over the checkout counter.

Other wallets limit you to only carrying 3 bills at a time. This is especially true of the polymer fabric ones. This caused me trouble in the past. The SGUSA Slim Wallet can easily accommodate a decent amount of bills. Don’t worry about breaking a $20. It can expand to hold what you need.

The SGUSA Slim wallet comes in four colors. Not just tan like other wallets. You can choose from blue, green, black and grey. I’ve really enjoyed the blue one.

StealthGearUSA Slim Wallet | The Secure Dad

I’m really excited about this wallet. I can say it’s the best one I’ve ever owned. I’m actually enjoying spending money. StealthGearUSA makes awesome everyday carry products and their Slim Wallet leads the pack. Grab yours today.

StealthGearUSA also sent me a 3 pack of their SG 180s. These are great for everyday carry. I’ll be testing them out over the coming weeks.

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