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The Little Voice Inside You

The Little Voice Inside You | The Secure Dad Podcast

Episode 003: The Little Voice Inside You

In the third installment of The Secure Dad Podcast I discuss how you can help foster success with your kids, why you need to ditch your dad wallet and how important the little voice in the back of your mind really is.

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Not all instincts are created equal. You need to know how to use the information your intuition gives you. In his book, Surveillance Zone, Ami Toben says it this way;

“One of the things that never really sat right with me… when it comes to reading people, you should ‘Trust your instincts.’ Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a mistake to trust your instincts, but not everyone’s instincts are that sharply developed, and even among those with better instincts, there’s always room for improvement.”

It’s good advice.

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