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The Truth about the Human Trafficking Epidemic

Hear from the front lines on the mission against human trafficking

Lantern Rescue is a USA Based Organization that conducts international rescue operations for people enslaved in human trafficking. They are the tip of the spear in the mission to rescue those that need it most.

My guest today is uniquely prepared and trained to serve in areas inaccessible to the average person, Mark has developed the skills to tactically fight for the freedoms of others globally. He has operated in multiple countries behind enemy lines including Mosul, Iraq, and Syria during the war against ISIS.

Mark is a founder of Lantern Rescue and trains Counter Human Trafficking Teams in the most volatile regions of the world. His teams have performed hundreds of rescue operations countering terrorists, gangs, and trafficking rings. By building a sustainable network Internationally, Lantern Rescue Lights the Way to Freedom and Justice for the victims rescued.

Mark also serves on the board of a Foundation working with American Warriors in the Special Operations Forces community. For the interview, Mark did not want his face shown so that he could continue to fight for those enslaved in trafficking.

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