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Tips for a safe 2022

Family Safety Tips for 2022

How to protect your family in the coming year

As we make our way into this new year, let’s take a moment to think about what our plans are to keep our family safe. After the punch in the mouth 2020 and 2021 have been, I’m not as optimistic for 2022.

Maybe it’s my stage of life, but I kinda agree with the meme I’ve seen online that reads, “No one claim 2022 as your year.” So my outlook for this year is hopeful, but I know that we’re all going to need to be prepared if we’re going to enjoy this new year.

The Supply Chain

The first thing we need to look out for as protector parents are supply chain issues. This is a broad, general term for all sorts of shortages. We’re talking cars, food, and everyday items. And I think we’ll see this affect jobs, too. Especially in the foodservice industry.

I don’t think that we need to worry that America is going to run out of food in 2022. If you add in a few natural disasters, more inflation, and a shrinking workforce, then we could see some serious short-term food shortages in the next 12 months.

That being the case, go ahead and stock up on items you know your family uses and has a long shelf life. Don’t go out and panic-buy, just grab a few extra things when you’re at the store that you can save for later. And to help that, do some long-term food planning for meals. The more you know what you need, then you’ll be better off when it comes to stocking up.

New Year, Same Pandemic

My easiest prediction for this year is that there are going to be more COVID strains. But at least the names of the strains are getting cooler. Omicron is a great sci-fi name. Maybe the next name will be GalvatronPrime.

So be ready for the next wave and how it affects your kids at school and your work schedule. In the last two years, there’s been a shift in the work from home thinking. Many employers are now seeing a benefit to having their workforce spread out and not paying rent on office space.

I’ve actually seen some reports that productivity is up with remote offices. So if that is the case, we’re going to see more sophisticated attacks on home computers by hackers seeking corporate data. Make sure all of your software is up to date and that your office is supplying you with the latest security updates.

What Goes Up

In at least early 2022 inflation will continue to rise. I hope by summer it will ease off, and by the winter we won’t even be talking about it. But I’m not a Wall Street expert.

So to battle inflation where we can, look at your spending. Where is most of your money going? What can you cut out for now? Can you delay a car purchase?

Know what your priorities are and what you can push until later.

Make a savings goal and make it a goal for the entire family. When your kids are invested, too they’ll cheer you on. And you can tell them that a purchase has to be delayed or vacation has to wait until your savings goal is met.

Then maybe set a small treat for your family, like a pizza party and a movie night. Plus, this will be a good way to teach your kids the importance of saving money and spending it wisely.

Crime Will Pick Up

In last week’s podcast, I talked about how social media was spreading or glorifying crime in Los Angeles. In this new year, I think general crime is going to happen more frequently everywhere. Even if you live in a “nice area” there will be more crime around your home.

I think you’ll see more violent crime during daylight hours, including home invasions. There will be a spike in follow-home attacks in other cities that may lead to another run on guns and ammunition. I’m not fear-mongering here, I see this trend because I monitor it every week.

I’ve laid out here that inflation will increase, there will be a smaller workforce, and more COVID variants leading to more restrictions.

People are getting stressed and they aren’t dealing with it; thus more confrontations that lead to violence.

Men and women will be quicker to lash out over small stuff and it will get people hurt. Put all of these things together and you’ll reach a boiling point where a lot of people are going to get scalded.

I don’t want to start off this year with a bummer of a prediction, but I think we all know what we’re up against in this new year. But I can’t say that I care about you without talking about this stuff so that you can make a plan.

The truth is that the calendar doesn’t control any of this. The real issue is how we are coping as a society. All the calendar does is give us a nice range for crime statistics.

Once inflation decreases, COVID becomes less of an issue, and the workforce flourishes then we’ll be in a lot better of a position. And I do think that will happen by the end of 2022.

So if anything, this year there is light at the end of the tunnel.

If you’d like to hear my top 10 predictions for 2022, listen to the above episode of The Secure Dad Podcast.

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Andy Murphy

Andy Murphy founded The Secure Dad in 2016 with the aspiration to help families live safer, happier lives. What started as a personal blog about family safety has turned into an award-winning podcast, an Amazon best-selling book, and online courses. He focuses his efforts in the areas of home security, situational awareness, and online safety.


Andy is a husband and father. His interests include coaching youth basketball, hiking, and trying to figure out his 3D printer.

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