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High Speed Daddy Bottle Holder Review

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

'Cool' Gear: the High Speed Daddy Water Bottle Holder

High Speed Daddy sent me an HSD Water Bottle Holder in exchange for a fair and honest review. What follows is my unfiltered opinion.

I was drinking from my 32oz Nalgene bottle when I found out that High Speed Daddy was coming out with a bottle holder for their line of amazing products. I scrambled to see if it would fit my bottle and sure enough, it did. Talk about being in tune with your customers!

I’ve had the opportunity to test drive the High Speed Daddy Water Bottle Holder for more than a week and I’ve put it through its paces and even used it in an unconventional way. Whether you want to use the bottle holder for its intended purpose or not, it’s a great addition to your HSD and MOLLE gear.

BLUF: The HSD Water Bottle Holder is a worthy purchase.

Watch My Review of the High Speed Daddy

First Impressions

Ever order something from Amazon and it doesn’t look like the picture? (I have!) You won’t have that buyer's remorse here. As with literally everything that High Speed Daddy has created, the water bottle holder looks great right out of the box. The attention to detail and the quality of craftsmanship are immediately noticeable.

It’s sturdy, the stitching is spot on, and looks like it’s ready to go out into the field. I was able to attach it to my HSD Tactical Diaper Bag Backpack and Lunch Bag with ease. I have the first-generation backpack and lunch bag and they worked flawlessly. So newer bags will do the same.

I was even able to attach it to the HSD First Aid Kit Pouch, but I’m not sure of the practical application to doing that. (But it’s possible!)

Attach and Go!

High Speed Daddy really likes to make their accessories turn key in the fact that they offer integrated straps MOLLE for attachment. (We also see this with the first aid kit pouch.) There’s no need for third-party MOLLE straps or sticks. The water bottle holder will be ready to go from the start.

When you attach the water bottle holder to any HSD bag, make sure that you use all the available MOLLE slots to snap it on. Don’t just do one loop, use all of them for a studier hold. Remember that 32oz of water is about two pounds.

The HSD Water Bottle Holder easily attaches to the backpack.

I’ve talked a lot about the 32oz Nalgene bottle in this review so far, but if you have a bottle that is smaller than that, it will fit. HSD included a drawstring closure to keep the cool air in, but to also hold thinner bottles in place.

According to Amazon, a 32oz wide-mouth Nalgene bottle is 3.5 inches wide and 8.25 inches tall. This bottle fits comfortably in the HSD Water Bottle Holder so anything smaller than that will fit, too.

Cool and Comfortable

When I field-tested the water bottle holder, I was more impressed with the attachment options and carry ability. I almost forgot it was insulated to keep my water cold. I don’t know what sort of magic HSD puts into their insulated products but it’s better than big named cooler bag companies. No, really.

Pro Tip: On hot days, toss the water bottle holder into the refrigerator for 30 minutes to cool it off for a super cool drink later.

And if you’re worried about condensation or spilling, there is a drain hole with a metal reinforced brad at the bottom of the holder. This will keep air moving, water draining, and make it easier to get your bottle out.

Car Cup Holder

If you drink the suggested daily amount of water for a human, then chances are you have a large water bottle. The drawback to these is that they won’t fit into the average cup holder in a car. This has been my struggle for a while and I just wound up leaving my larger bottle at home.

The Problem: Car cup holders are too small!

I attached my water bottle holder to the right side pocket of my HSD backpack and set it in the front passenger's seat of my SUV. This way the bottle holder also doubled as a cup holder. While driving, I could easily reach over and get my water bottle in and out while keeping my eyes on the road. The top stayed open and allowed for easy retrieval and placement when I was done.

The Solution: The water bottle holder rides shotgun.

Things to Consider

There are a few drawbacks to the High Speed Daddy Water Bottle holder though. I would have liked to see a shoulder strap attachment. This way the holder could have been used on its own. You could make your own strap and use the MOLLE webbing on the bottle holder, though.

When using the HSD Water Bottle Holder it will add additional space to whatever bag you are using. Keep that in mind as you move through crowds and doorways. Plus, it will add extra weight so give a lot of thought as to where you want to place the holder.

While this bottle holder is made to hold… a water bottle, it can be used to hold other items. While not designed for this, it can hold a full bag of M&Ms. Plus, it can hold up a full-size baseball bat. (This is not intended use, but it's cool.) I’m sure you can find other items to store there as well.

The water bottle holder can hold a full sized bat.


Well made

Excellent stitching

Great color choices

Drain hole for condensation and airflow

Holds up to a 32oz wide-mouth Nalgene bottle

Holds smaller bottles

MOLLE webbing

Integrated MOLLE straps

Holds other gear

Drawstring closure

Great insulation


No shoulder strap

Does add girth to any bag

No hook and loop for a patch

Will not attach to HSD Woobie

High Speed Daddy makes great gear and the Water Bottle Holder is a great example of their quality work. I do highly recommend this bottle holder as I’m certain it will last for years. I know this because the other HSD products I use have stood up well over the years.

Check out my other reviews of High Speed Daddy Products and my interview with the high-speed daddy himself, Craig Risoli.


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