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​Welcome to the media kit for The Secure Dad Podcast. This weekly podcast was started by Andy Murphy in 2018. The goal of the show is to help families live safer, happier lives by taking control of their personal safety.

The podcast has two episode types. The first is a solo format about important topics to protector parents. These shows go for 5 - 15 minutes because the audience is busy parents who are trying to fit as much into their day as possible! So maximum consideration is given to the lifestyle of today's parents.

The Secure Dad Podcast also offers insightful interviews from subject matter experts. These interviews range from 25 - 50 minutes depending on how the conversation flows.

Notable guests on The Secure Dad Podcast:



About Andy Murphy

Andy Murphy is a passionate Family Safety Advocate dedicated to empowering individuals and families to create secure environments and build a foundation for a happy life.

Andy Murphy founded The Secure Dad ® in 2016. Today it is a trusted resource for practical, experience-driven guidance on safeguarding your loved ones. Through his company, Andy offers a wealth of knowledge based on proven methods and ongoing training. Andy has a knack for making safety simple and accessible for families, turning complex ideas into clear, actionable steps.

When he was in high school he came to the realization that his safety was his personal responsibility. And it was that mindset change that has not only kept him safe but his friends and family as well.


He has attended numerous security conferences, taken safety courses, attended federal training, and continually reads industry-leading books to stay on top of his game. Plus his personal experience practicing situational awareness for more than 20 years helps Andy provide reliable information. 


His Amazon best-selling book Home Security: The Secure Dad’s Guide has helped thousands of people around the world. You can hear Andy on his weekly podcast, The Secure Dad Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and all of the major podcast providers.

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Phone: 1 704 750 2235

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